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  • I know how to add links to images in Classic Editor, but I cannot figure it out in this new version and I’ve been trying for an hour and a half! I just want people to be able to click on an image in my post and go to another site.

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  • If you’re using an Image Block, check the Block Settings panel on the right side for Link Settings. Expand that and you can specify Link To Custom URL, provide the Link URL, and choose Open In New Tab (if you want that).

    I think this only works with an Image Block, not with a Gallery Block.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Yes, people seem to not be seeing this easily.

    When you have an image block selected: Link Settings in the right hand sidebar.

    Wow thanks for the image, I completely missed this as well. Seems obvious now, but I’ve been adding custom html all over the place for classes, image links, etc.

    Why is it that I can assign a link to an Image Block but NOT to an Inline Image?

    And why is it that I cannot select a WordPress post as link in an Image Block’s link settings?



    I am using the WordPress new editor.. I see (FINALLY) the block settings with custom URL options- Thank you very much! However, I want to convert my Image into a Cover Image with the very cool option to type in the center of the image some text with the choice of colors filters there in the settings to the right. Yet at that point, I loose the Image Custom URL option. I’ve really been going in circles with this!

    As a Cover Image I can type either type text or a URL link in the center of the photo. Typing the desired destination URL in the center of the photo using the Link icon, what then displays is the typeset for the URL address vs just the lettering of my choice:

    On my SPOKEN page:

    I have a cover photo
    As a cover photo, I want Affirmation to link to my AFFIRMATION page.
    I can’t yet seem to get there.

    Help!!!! Thank you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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