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  • Hello!

    When I am adding a link to my site I got problems with Opera 8.

    In the section “Link-Beziehungen (XFN)” (link relations) I can toggle if it’s one of my own sites, if it’s a friend or a family member and so on.

    But when I click on “contact” in friendship the relational tag is being composed as “contact on on”.

    The following “on on” disturbs me. It can only be removed when I am entering details for “geography” (without none) or “family” (without none). But since not every one on my blog roll is a member of my family and living next door to me, it’s disturbing that there stands “on on” for the geographical/family relations.

    If I am adding a new link in Firefox – I haven’t this problem. But I can’t login to Firefox right now (see other posting from me).

    And another question (as a Opera user): Is it necessary to have the “Get Firefox”-button even if you are using Opera? Or is “” only a Firefox-PR-website?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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