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  • Hi, I am trying to add links on my blog. the links would be back to my website About US page for example. I can’t see how to add these links. I have looked and tried in Links within ADmin but it doesn’t show on my blog. In fact there are several links in there under the category of Blogroll,….whatever that is…

    All I want to do is add a few links, from the blog to various areas of my website..

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  • It maybe your theme? Although alot of them allow blogrolls to be viewed from outside. I am not too sure.

    It depends on the theme and where do you want the links to show. Links to your Pages can be displayed using the “wp_list_pages” template tag. If you want links on your post/page, simply add them manually.

    I want to create a menu down the right hand side, there is already a link to About Us, but that is a page created by WordPress theme. It is displayed on the right hand side, and under a title called pages.

    The template is WordPress Default 1.6…

    In the admin area I have Posts,Pages,Links,Categories,Tags,Link Categories, Media Library, Import, Export

    Which one of these will allow me to add links to create a menu down the right hand side…ie delete the About Us link that seems to come with WordPress theme.

    Just a secondary quesiton….what is a Blogroll? Why is setting up links not under the links menu item in the Admin area? OR is it and I have misundertood something.

    To change the name from blogroll to links? you can do that by going to manage then link catagories and click the Blogroll link and simply changing the name and the post slug name as well.

    BUt what I don;t understand is what is a blogroll? what is a slug? I just want to create some links down the right hand side of my wordpress blog…it doesn’t seem to let you?

    If I knew which files to amend I could just write some HTML to and place that in the correct file to get my links on the page…Someone told me that wordpress if simple…so why all these different terms… Why is there not a create links here button…you create the link and it appears down the right hand side or left hand side…?

    I don’t know for sure what a blogroll is. So to me the name is not important. You can change the name from blogroll to links and use it to display websites that you favor. So again blogroll, not important. Links, are.
    Post slug is the title to the page and also the address. Basically lets say you named your home page Home and the postslug is home so the address to your home page is
    And once you understand the concept of web design then the understanding of wordpress, is simple.
    But you also want to know how to put a link on the side of your web site? Like other websites? Like a links page? Or your own pages to navigate to? Because you are being pretty vague.
    If you want to put a page then write a page not a post. And if you want to add a website as a link like link swapping then go to write>link add new and there you have it.

    I find this dialogue amusing; I too have this same question and when I do a search I see many posts just like this (on this very topic), a simple question and nothing but inclear replies.

    So, I’ll attempt some GEEK speak along with general English. As a default in the righthand sidebar of my WP, there is a ‘heading’ titled PAGES and WP has already put under that ‘heading’ a normal, usual and ordinary web link to an ABOUT and also to a CONTACT US area/page inside WP. Pages where I can edit the text in them, etc. Just like any old web page on any old website.

    It SHOULD take me, you, or anyone with half a brain, not more than 20 seconds to add Links to various destinations in the Internet, under that PAGES area of the righthand sidebar … seconds … not brain surgery. Yet in WP, it seems to be a well hidden secret.

    Here’s the question, ready? HOW DO I DO THAT?


    To quote Wikipedia, “Blogroll-A list of blogs. A blogger features a list of their favorite blogs in the sidebar of their blog.”

    By the way, my step-dad is 78. He set-up his WP blog in under 10 minutes. With links.

    Have you even tried looking any of this up (Docs, Wiki, Google)? Or are the mods supposed to do it for you?

    Just curious…


    JJH, at 63 I’m evidentially not as quick as your step-dad, congratulate him for me, he’s got a young mind – I found the set-up and a few other things a bit confusing.

    I’m betting my viewer/readers won’t know that Blogroll = Links, so I very much appreciate that clearity for me. I think gonna change the word BLOGROLL to LINKS – that should clear up my brain and some of my more potentially confused readers as well :-}

    Thank you and Best Wishes.

    PS: Since BOTH About & Contact Us are LINKS as well, and even though they’re now under the PAGES heading … I wonder if I should change the sidebar word PAGES to LINKS also? … just a thought

    Yep, that’s it! Renaming the title (Category) Blogroll to LINKS was easy, then inserting various Links under this new LINKS heading was a breeze!

    Haven’t yet figured out how to locate the title PAGES, but will do that same there as well … or delete it entirely, and then put both ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ under my new LINKS heading … neat/clean housekeeping!


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