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  • When I add a link in the middle of my blog post, all the text following it changes to a sickly green color!

    Is it always like this? How do I get the text after the link back to normal!?

    If it’s helpful to see it here is the link:

    Oh, it’s not letting you see the link. Sorry. Try this:

    Thank you very much.

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  • You need to close your anchor tag. It starts here:
    <p><a href=""></p>

    and it never ends, you need to close that tag with this:
    after the text you want linked.

    Okay, thanks so much for writing back, Paul. But now, I choose the link icon, enter in text for the link, follow that with the text you suggested, and nothing shows up. No link at all.

    But at least the sickly green is gone…

    But what do I do to make my links work? I think I need to specify, my issue was with my link on WordPress blog! Not the support posting. But you knew that…

    So basically, the issue now is, links just don’t appear at all.

    thanks again.

    To make a link using wordpress’s rich text editor, do this:

    1. type the word or words you want to make a link
    2. Highlight the word or words with your cursor like you’re going to copy and paste
    3. Click the ‘link icon’ and fill in the information

    that should make the link work properly.

    If it doesnt, please post a fully detailed step-by-step of how you are attempting to make links show up.

    Good luck

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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