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  • Hello, I’ve searched for this and found nothing. I am looking to export a list of recent posts as an unordered list to a static page on an external site. Is there anything like the phpBB syndicate posts hack for WordPress. I managed to find a lot of stuff for importing feeds, but nothing for exporting. Any help would be super.


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  • You don’t need to “export” the feeds – they are there (WP creates them for you), and you can just “import” them in that other site.

    Is there a plugin that will allow me to limit the number of posts to the 5 or 10 most rescent, and have that list dynamically update?

    A plugin to use it on the WP site or on the “external site”?

    For your WP blog you don’t need any plugin, just open your admin panel and browse through your options. (It is always beneficial to know the tool you are using;)
    Options > Reading…

    I was aware of the syndication tool for RSS feeds. What I want to do is the following.

    I want to post using WordPress on (for example)
    Then I want to get the titles only of my last X number of posts on another hardcoded XHTML site ( as a list of most recent posts from my blog.


    Post Title 9
    Post Title 8
    Post Title 7
    Post Title 6
    Post Title 5

    Is this possible?

    RSS feeds (outgoing / exporting) is built into WordPress. You can limit your RSS feeds to 5 posts (Excerpts or full posts), your choice under the Options menu.

    Now, all you need to do on your hard-coded site, is pull the RSS feed.

    Thanks DGold. Is there any code sample anywhere which allows me to do that? I am not much of a PHP programmwe and would like to put my most current post titles in my website which I building right now.

    If you were using WP to build your website right now, it would be easy enough: You would just use one of the “syndication plugins” found linked in the Codex, such as FeedWordPress or probably another one like that.

    However if you’re building your site without WP, this isn’t really a WP question, and I don’t know how to do it. But it can still be done, search around for syndicating RSS feeds.

    Well there are two ways:

    1a: Feedburner Aninmator: This will let you display Post heading anywhere you want. But it displays only One aninmated Heading one at a time for 5 Post.

    1b: Feedburner BuzzBoot: This is much flexible, you can display anynumber of Post or entire Blog, with HTML output or Text, Headlines, Full Post etc. and many more.

    Note: To use you must have Feedburner subscription.

    You can see both running on my site.

    2. Use CG-Feed.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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