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  • I operate two different WP websites and have templates for them both. One of the templates has a “Kitchen Sink” when writing and editing posts that allows me to modify font type, size, color, etc. The other one does not have one and does not allow me to easily edit font. How can I add the Kitchen Sink to that template for a quick and easy font editor?

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    have you tried to click the top right button on the one line of buttons – that should open the second line – the kitchen sink.

    That button is not there at all, which is why I am asking how to add that to my theme/template

    Change to the twenytyten theme and see if you can then get it. Could be an issue with your theme.

    It is an issue with theme which is why I want to know how I can repair this on my theme.

    There are thousands of themes and you never mention which theme you are using but that might help. Have you tried contacting the theme author?
    As a bit of a guess Would say to look at the theme’s functions.php

    Sorry didn’t think to include the theme, it is theme1138 v1.0… what am I looking for in functions.php , and what can I add to that to make the “Kitchen Sink” available in the post editor?

    Can not find “theme1138” on here or even through google so would have no idea. sorry.

    I am having a similar problem with missing Kitchen Sink in my post / page editor. All I can do is type HTML. Very annoying. Looks like many people had the same problem and some had success with deactivating all the plug-ins and changing back to default theme etc. Some suggested re-uploading / replacing original wp-includes/js/tinymce folders and some had success with deleting revision history with various plug-ins. None worked for me so far. I am using WP 3.2.1 with all plug-ins deactivated and using plain twenty-ten 1.2 these – still the kitchen sink is missing. Dash board also gave an option to upgrade and reinstall but that also did not fix the problem.

    Any help is appreciated.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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