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  • duffyb


    I think you are on to something and I really hope this continues to develop. It would be awesome if this plugin worked to create an order from our website and then pay with paypal here so that we could use our card reader. I have tested on several devices and continue to have trouble.
    Here is what i have tested so far
    On the iphone 8 – go to the dashboard, load a pending order, check product information, send to Paypal Here – the orders goes to Paypal Here and is ready to process – CHECK! However, the order can NOT be edited before sending to Paypal Here (shipping, taxes etc)
    Still on iphone 8 – go to the dashboard, create a new order, view all the items, click on the items and nothing happens – NO NEW ORDER is created nor does product detail come up to show options – NOT WORKING

    On ipad – go to dashboard to create a new order – same as phone can’t add an item so can’t create a sale – NOT WORKING
    on ipad – We have the Woo POS plugin from Actuality. I loaded a test order, selected paypal here and it loaded the order into the paypal here app – CHECK! Now to test the payment completion.
    (but only when the app was closed before hitting the load button – if the app was already open it switched to the app screen but did not bring in the order.)

    on my laptop from safari – I created an order, successfully added a product, CAN NOT edit the shipping and tax information for an out of town show with customer pick up. So even if i could then transfer the order to Paypal Here – which i can’t because it is only for an app on a mobile device – the order would be wrong. I need to be able to edit the order before sending it to Paypal Here. I did see that I can create the order from the website on my laptop then load the mobile page on my phone, transfer the order to paypal here then edit the order and process the payment. sort of works but not ideal
    Also – on the order creation page there is a page not found error in the title bar

    At this point it looks like the only way to use this is with an ipad and the POS plugin. It would be great to be able to use it from any mobile device including a phone.

    Thank you – I look forward to watching this develop

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Oliver


    Hi There,

    Thanks for contacting here, Allow me to guide you here.
    The plugin is developer to be used on Mobile ( android or IOS any ) as long as that mobile supports PayPal here app. We are testing this on both iPhone and Android and for us its working fine like a charm.

    I have visited your site on my mobile and it works well without any trouble. But I do see some delays which I suppose are related to your site especially, like there can be some Javascript mixing from other plugin or maybe some cache that would be slowing down the JS processing. On my site it works fine without any trouble.

    If you go to your site on mobile and see pending orders you will see one order which I have created using my android phone.
    But there can be many improvements and we have planned adjustments as well. We will really appreciate your feedback in improving that process. So do share your feedback please.

    For now , I dont see any issues with the plugin in general but with your siter overall performance. If you get that sorted I’m sure our plugin would work fast as expected.

    let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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