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  • Is it just me or does the new way of adding images have some problems?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept and a lot of it works very well (uploading is really easy).

    I just have a problem with dragging & dropping the images to the post. Try this:

    1) Start a new post, type a paragraph/sentence.
    2) Drag an image to the beginning of the post (just before the first letter you typed) and drop it.

    Problem: The image doesn’t get added to the post.

    Try it the other way:

    1) Start a new post. Don’t type anything yet.
    2) Drag and drop and image to the post (it works!).
    3) Start typing something after the image.

    Problem: The text you start typing ends up linked to the image post and is aligned to the base of the image (wouldn’t left aligned (to the top of the image) be a more sensible default, given the size of the image/thumbnail?).

    Now try this:

    1) Start a new post. Type some text.
    2) Drag an image to the post.
    3) ‘Accidentally’ drop the image inside a sentence.
    4) Drag and drop the image where you actually wanted it.

    Problem: Dragging the image somewhere else leaves behind two linked spaces (linked to the image post).

    It would also be nice if there was an easy way to specify the size of the thumbnails (for example, one smallish size for left/right aligned images and another larger size for centered images).

    Are these issues that can be addressed before release? I’m willing to help if I can but I’m not skilled enough with php/javascript to address these myself.

    Any thoughts?


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