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  • hi all, im starting a rating website for a friend and was wondering if you guys can help me out. I am new to WordPress but so far I love it.

    the site I am talking about is:

    which plans to be a social network website similar to facebook/myspace but also a rating website. so basically the purpose would be to have friends and your social network website comment and rate your pics.

    1) I am trying to add images to the top middle slide show for the Arras theme. I did a search and couldnt find an easy solution.

    Can I add images through the admin profile? Is there a way where I can have users submit images and then my partner or I (admin) select the nice images and have the slide show link to those specific pages?

    2) I added the login block but then theres a dashboard for the logged in users. Whats the purpose of the dashboard? Do you recommend it? How do I remove it?

    * 3) I added the buddypress plugin to make the site a social network site. But is there a way I can have only your friends view your postings and listings? So im basically looking to build a site similar to facebook but focus on users posting images and only friends rating and commenting. Is this doable? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    4) any recommendations/suggestions/ feedback is always appreciated.

    5) any excellent must-read posts on this forum for newbies? I need to finish this website very soon (within 1-2 weeks). 🙂

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  • 1. It looks like it uses something like a custom field. Either look at your edit posts panel and see if there is an area to insert an image URL, or else create a custom field with the name “featured-slideshow-thumb” and value will equal your images URL

    2. The dashboard is like your homepage. It is located in home.php

    3. Buddypress currently does not have any privacy settings, so it is not like facebook. You could require a user to be logged in in order to see certain pages.

    4. Cool concept

    5. If you need additional help I would be willing to provide assistance where needed.

    thanks a lot.

    to add images, you add the name and value field:

    thumb, and the URL to the direct image.. all under the dashboard, under creating new post 🙂

    just needed the custom field thumb & url for the pic, thanks!

    can someone be so kind as to show how this would be written out in the name form and in the value form please for a new comer. Thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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