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  • For some reason when I try to add/insert an image to my post it doesn’t show up. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s a relatively new site and although I haven’t made any posts in a while I have inserted images into them successfully before. If you need more info just let me know

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  • Hi @mbizzle05trmpt,
    can you post a link to one of the posts where you’ve already added images and still can’t see them?


    Hi @elmalak,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I actually dont have the post up because I deleted it after I saw that there was no picture. I then looked at the help topics for “Writing posts”, “Uploading media” etc, and found that I may have needed to check my permissions. So I did that and found that everything was pretty much in order (as far as I know…I didn’t have to change any permissions) and tried creating my post again and instead of publishing it I previewed it first and saw that there was still photo. I will go ahead and post something tho so you can see what I mean in the link.

    Hi @mbizzle05trmpt,

    But looking at other posts, I see there are images, like this one,

    So, what did you do differently here?

    That’s the thing. I didn’t do anything differently. The difference between the post with no picture and the others is the time spanned between them.

    Sorry. I’m not sure how that radio button got checked but it’s not resolved yet

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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