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  • I’m building a blog containing 6-8 images per post.

    The JPG images are linked to and valid at 500×375 size.

    When I insert the image it is placed directly at the top of the post, not where the cursor is for the insertion. I means I drag the image through pages of text to get it where it should be located. Shouldn’t the image be “inserted” where the cursor is? I’ve been living with it for weeks as I build the blog.

    The other “thing” is on occasion when I insert an image, it overwrites the image placed above it, though my cursor is definitely at a different location. I hit <Ctrl> <Z> to back-up the process, and do it again… and then it goes way to the top where I have to drag it down to the proper location.

    Anyway, I’m gonna save a bunch of time as I build the hundreds of categories/posts, with 1000+ images, if I’m not dragging every one down from the top, or overwriting other images.

    Thanks for any ideas/tips

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