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  • I just changed the url of my blog to I created a new header and I can easily mess with that area, however, my site is very plain and I really want to add some imagery on the side, maybe a design or some artwork sticking out, something like that.

    I am using the default kubrick theme and when i open all the images in Photoshop I realized changing the images “kubrickbg-ltr.jpg” and “kubrickbg-rtl.jpg” will only change what can be seen in the actual area where the blog entries are seen. For example if i stretch the width of the image and add some art, expecting it to pop out on the side, it will be cut off and only seen in the blog area… nothing will stick out on the sides.

    I really want to add some life to my blog and make it look great, I’m assuming you have to change the code or stylesheets or something but I’m not genius when it comes to that.

    Can anyone help me out pleeaaase??

    I’ll try to find an example of what I mean about artwork sticking out on the sides..

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Once you find an example, you’ll probably get more help. You may want to look in your style sheet to see what the width is set at in that section, then try messing with the values. I used a simple template as well ( but I was able to do a taller header section and put a clickable title pic where there wasn’t one before by playing around in the style sheet.

    Ok, it took a while but I finally found a good example. If you notice there is artwork on the right side that just adds some nice style to the website. I can create things in photoshop no problem but code is pretty foreign to me so I’m not really sure where I would try to put something like this…

    again my blog is and I’m trying to add some artwork to the left side, similar to the example site above.

    Any help????

    well, on the freakshow site, from what I saw it looked more like a background image or border (that kept repeating all the way down the page), as opposed to just 1 graphic sticking out the side (like, say, some guy’s head poking around the edge in 1 place non-repeating down the page).

    So maybe you could accomplish this by modifying kubrickbgcolor.jpg

    however, if that doesn’t work, well — I know what you mean about Kubrick and the part where the CSS is going to cut off anything you do with the background graphics because the page is made to only go so-wide and you’re trying to work with the area outside that width. It could get a little complex trying to work with that, because Kubrick is so tightly pieced together, if you change the width of 1 thing in the CSS, then it’s going to affect other areas (like making your header/footer match up to the same width).

    Good luck, hope this helps

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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