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  • you want to check the header.php and stylesheet

    At the top bar there above the header where it’s blank and gray i’m trying to add an image. I’m new to WP and PHP and all this stuff i’ve been lookin at a lot of different sites trying to learn new tricks here and there but this has had me stumped for a few days (although my problem may be related to my next question). I need to know exactly what to add to the Header.PHP and stylesheet to get my picture to show. (i’d like to make it a clickable link as well, but one thing at a time). The image is words, with a transparent background so I want it ot overlay the gray 430×100 left section of the top bar.

    also do you think it makes a difference if i edit offline and upload vs using the editor in the WP Dashboard? I deleted everything in the header.php in the built in editor because i was convinced it was changing anything, and surely enough nothing changed.

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