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    Hello- I’m new to salesforce and am working with a client who would like me to integrate a sales to lead form into the site. I’ve actually already created and styled it as code, but now they have asked for a captcha, and using this plugin seems to be the easiest way.

    In order to make it integrate…i need to to add a class or ID to each the fields. Is this possible? And what exactly is the “option” field for as opposed the value field?

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  • Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    “i need to to add a class or ID to each the fields” Please explain…

    All fields already have a unique class (automatically added by the plugin) — do you need it to be unique, or the same class added to each field?

    The option field is for specifying the options for picklists (selects) and other fields that require more than just a single value. See the FAQ for more info.

    The form provided by the client had a unique ID for their comment field (a large string of digits and numbers similar to the campaign ID), as in

    <textarea name="00XX00XX00XX" id="00XX00XX00XX" placeholder="Comment"></textarea>

    Additionally, I have already styled the original form extensively, and would love to be able to just add the ID to each field and not have to change my CSS, but that’s just lazy ;P

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    The plugin uses the salesforce field name as the form field name and id (prefixed with sf_).

    You should be able to get away with minimal changes to your CSS.

    But as I don’t know what you’ve done, I can’t guarantee anything. Give it a try 😉

    Thank you for your help!

    Is it possible to include a “placeholder” instead of value?

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    2.3 (should be released this week) allows you to use placeholders instead of labels.

    Labels and placeholders (e.g. Label = Email, Placeholder = No free email accounts please) should be in 2.4 (no date yet).

    You can get the 2.3 beta on GitHub now:

    thank you sir!

    I got a failure to connect to salesforce with 2.3, but not with 2.2.5.

    just wanted to let you know.. if it’s a lot to deal with the client can deal with values vs. placeholders 🙂

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    “I got a failure to connect to salesforce with 2.3, but not with 2.2.5.”

    Really? Hmmm… that’s not good!

    Was the plugin the only thing that changed?

    Can you turn WP_Debug on and see if there’s something broken under the hood?

    Now i cant even activate it… maybe i should delete 2.2.5?

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    Yeah, you should only have 1 version of the plugin installed at a time.

    Okay, so I debugged in 2.3 and it stated “[13-Mar-2014 02:52:54 UTC] Salesforce: No organisation ID set.”

    Which is not true… I have it set globally. BUT, when i put the ID in the Salesforce ID override section, it worked!

    So it’s a fine fix for me for now, but hope this helps you for testing the beta.

    thanks so much!

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    Hmmm… it should fall back to the global id if it’s not set on the form. I’ve made that logic a bit more robust. Give it another try without an override on the form org_id.

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