• I’ve only started using Sportspress this season, but my team has a previous eight years worth of games.

    What I’d like to do is add individual game stats from this season onwards. But, instead of trying to add eight years worth of individual games (not just a lot of work, I doubt we have that level of detail any more), I’d like to just add a season summary for those years. That way, I can create a base and then grow from there, game by game.

    My player stats are showing correct totals for the games played so far this year. But, I can’t get their stats from previous seasons to show in their career totals. Their career totals just show this season. I’ve tried adding the historical stats through the statistics section of the player page and through the values section of a player list page for each of the respective seasons.

    Is there a specific way I have to add the stats from previous years? Or is it that Sportspress won’t let me add historical data in this way because I’m already adding individual game box scores for this season?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @flyfifer,

    We’ve tried to get to the bottom of the player stats for a long time and to be honest we’ve never had a good answer. The latest thread is below – it’s 6 months ago after which we gave up trying to solve it – but Brian does give a good explanation of how some of the mechanics work.

    Unfortunately the pages from our site that are linked to in the thread don’t contain any of the info anymore that describes our problem.


    The way we have approached it is to create a single season for all historical stats (in this case it was “to end 2015/16”). The stats for 2016/17 and 2017/18 are calculated based on the events we input. We only show this in the Career Totals section.

    So, our player stats look like, for example:

    The “to end 2015/16” stats are keyed in against the player’s profile. The totals all add up correctly.

    The problem we had was with player lists which for some stats added the historical info in correctly (appearances) but for other stats (goals) it didn’t. So, any player lists that use historical info we have to manually key in that historical info e.g. our history page:


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    Hi @theangryduck

    If Brian couldn’t find a solution then it’s certainly a hard issue. He’s our lead dev and he knows SportsPress from inside out.


    In your case you could maybe import events and then add their data, or hire a developer to create an event importer for you that includes all these required stats.


    Kind Regards,

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    Slightly confused by your solution. If I read it right, you have created one “super season” which the totals have picked up. I’m assuming that you’ve done this through a player list and manually entered their totals? If so, did you do anything different in the way that you created that list? Just seems strange that it was able to pick up that single, amalgamated season but not individual seasons.

    Ultimately, I think what you’ve done would work for me, although I’ve failed to replicate it so far.

    In ice hockey, there is a global statistical website called EliteProspects. I’ve created a plug in that allows me to embed their data in my player pages:


    So, losing granularity at player level doesn’t bother me. What I’m trying to do is create totals so that we can acknowledge landmarks (e.g. 100th game, 100th goal) and keep track of club records (e.g. most appearances, most goals). Similar to what you’ve done with your history page.

    To do that, I’ve got a page that tracks career stats for our current players (a second page that covers every player to have played for us will be created once I’ve got to the bottom of this issue):


    So, would be curious as to the exact make up of your “super season” to get them included in this page. As I say, so far I’ve been unable to replicate what you’ve done. I’m not even getting the inconsistent behaviour you describe. I can’t get anything I’ve entered manually to be included on that page.


    As I said in my opening post, the issue isn’t about managing the size of the effort. I have season summaries for each player who has played for us. But, after his length of time, I know that we don’t have stats for every single game that we’ve played.



    The way I see this is there are 2 separate “issues” – the reporting of stats for an individual player on his own profile and the reporting of stats across multiple players.

    For the first one, you seem to have it sorted as in your Richie Hargreaves example you pull in individual stats from an external source and present them in his profile. You don’t seem to use any Sportspress info (events or otherwise) to do this.

    We can’t do that, so our approach was to create a single season of historical info “to end 2015/16”. We then edit each player and add this historical season. At the bottom of his profile, under Career Totals, we manually fill in his stats for the “to end 2015/16” season and ensure the checkbox to the left of the season is checked. The “Total” field at the bottom updates automatically. It’s worth noting that manually entered figures appear black whereas system calculated figures appear grey.

    We took the view that if all individual player stats were right then everything else would work perfectly. We were wrong!

    To report squad statistics (i.e. multiple players) we assumed player lists would work fine but they don’t. Using Elliot’s stats as an example his stats are:
    2017/18: APP:8, GLS:0 (calculated from events)
    2016/17: APP:40, GLS:5 (calculated from events)
    to end 2015/16: APP:459, GLS:24 (manually input against profile)

    A player list with just “to end 2015/16” shows APP:459, GLS:24 (correct)
    A player list with 2016/17 as well shows APP:499, GLS:24 (wrong) – it’s accumulated the statistics correctly (APP) but not performance values (GLS).
    A player list with all seasons shows APP:507, GLS:24 (wrong) for the same reason as above.
    A player list with no seasons (defaults therefore to All) shows APP:48; GLS:5 (wrong). It ignores all historical values.

    So, essentially player lists don’t work automatically with a combination of historical info and current events.

    The way we got our historical player list to work was to manually edit the player list and add in the historical values as “Adjustments” but this means everytime we need a player list that uses historical info we need to add in these adjustments.

    Hope this helps!


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    Thanks for your detailed response.

    You are correct that the individual stats on the player page come from an external source and not from any Sportspress info. We are lucky that our sport has a global statistics database and that it is so easy to plug their HTML excerpts into other websites.

    Your solution of doing adjustments on every player list does work for us. Fortunately, we’ll only ever have two player lists and are unlikely to have more. Therefore, it’s not quite as horrible a data management task as it could be.

    I also like the fact that should this ever be “fixed” in a future release of Sportspress, it should be easy to cleanse the data from this workaround.

    I’ve tested your solution, made myself happy that it is working and have already started loading our legacy data.

    Many thanks for your help.


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    Hi Graham!

    It’s great that it’s working for you so far. Please consider adding this as a feature request in our ideaboard:


    Kind Regards,

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