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  • I am trying to add a Google News RSS feed onto a page and have it look nice. I have tried installing the Google News plugin and adding the code to my page and it does work. It just looks bad. I have altered the CSS, but I still can get line breaks between each news entry, etc.

    Is there any other way to do this? Can I use the widget code on a page to get my results? If so, where do I cull the widget code from.

    I am open to any other suggestions on how to get the feeds including using something other than the Google News plugin.


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  • I have since tried adding it in using the Google News Bar Wizard. I can get it work by placing the code into the text widget and it will work in the sidebar. Still cannot get it on to a page by itself.

    Bump. Anyone?

    I continue to talk to myself here. Using MultiFeedSnap I am able have a customized Yahoo News feed deliver just fine.

    Is there anything unique about how Google parses their RSS urls that prevent them from showing in a newfeed?

    FWIW, I finally ended up using simplepie to get what I needed.

    I am able to have multiple feeds using keywords that merge into one list sorted by date. Works good enough for me.

    Thank you aintproud. I’ll check out what you worked so hard to figure out by yourself. Making the effort to post results for the rest of us should make you proud. : )

    Yeah, thanks aint proud. I’m trying to do the same thing.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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