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  • WP e-Commerce. I would like to modify the shopping cart, particularly the wpsc-cart_widget.php shown in the sidebar. Specifically I simply want to change the cart so it collects all order info., but offers a basic email form so the customer can send the order directly the client. He wants strictly offline order processing, no paypal or anything like that. He wants to collect the orders through the site and form and then contact the customer himself. If possible, this form should send the order right to the client’s email, rather than going to another order page, which is what it does out of the box.

    Here is the functionality of the sidebar widget cart I need:
    sku or item #, Quantity, price(without shipping or taxes,) First name, last name, email, phone number.

    I need the following buttons added to the bottom of the form.
    (submit button)(clear form)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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