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  • Okay, so here’s my problem…

    I want to add a block of text underneath the feature slider on my static home page, I imagine this is php coding time, which I’m not all that familiar with :S so go easy on me! Just a Welcome message, maybe a few paragraphs long, to display only on this page…

    So what do I need to add to the front page template in-order to do this….? and where etc

    Here’s the link to my site…
    (I doubled up the directory as I am a spaz, will sort that out once I get the text sorted!)

    The theme is oxygen… If you need anything else please ask, as I said, quite new to this level of WordPress… and what’s more it’s quite addictive!

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  • Oh I forgot to say, preferably I would like it to be between the Feature Slider and “Recent Articles” if possible.

    Also if anyone knows of anywhere I can learn more about WordPress that would be grand 🙂


    I have exactly the same question. My site is local so I can’t link to it, but I would like to add static text to the front page only, beneath the featured slider and recent articles. Thanks for your help.

    @gabrielsolomon7 – these forums work better if you start your own thread per

    You also need to include more information – such as the theme you are using. You will also need to make any theme file modifications in a child theme –

    On the latest Oxygen theme, there isn’t CSS for this. You indeed must edit php. That being said, please read up on creating a child theme, it’s not that hard. Your edits will be done to your child theme, so that when your main Oxygen theme is updated down the road, you won’t lose the edits you’re about to make! Go to and search for Child Theme, there is a step-by-step. Please do this before trying any php or css edits. You’ll thank me later by taking the time now.

    So, that done, you will edit either the Front Page Page template, or the featured content template. I’m guessing the featured content template, that’s what I did at to add my welcome blurb.

    Appearance, Editor, pick featured-content.php.

    Then, between these lines of code:

    </div><!-- #slider-nav-->
    	</div><!-- .featured-wrapper--> can add your own stuff. Put it in an div with a class, and you can define that class to control the look and feel.

    Something like this:

    </div><!-- #slider-nav-->
    <div class="myBlurb">Welcome to my site...</div>
    	</div><!-- .featured-wrapper-->

    You would then edit the child theme’s style.css to define a class for “myBlurb”. Or if you’re using the “Customize CSS” plugin, part of Jetpack, you can define the class there.

    Thanks STX! I have made a child theme already and begun to work with it. I will try your method. I looked at your site and I’ve noticed that you are able to give each page a name rather than a generic identifier such as ?page_id=24 . Did you simply edit the permalink?

    Thanks again.

    That’s a separate question, probably should start another thread for that, but yes, you can control that on a post-by-post basis, editing the permalink, or by going to Settings, Permalinks and picking a site-wide preference. Pages (as opposed to Posts), default to using a name rather than a post querystring.

    If I answered your original question correctly, please mark the thread “resolved” so anyone else searching in the future can see there is a solution at hand.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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