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  • I am having trouble adding a flash swf file to one of my pages. I made a page (ie: Photos), and added the HTML code i would normally put in a HTML page to embed a swf file. However, when i load the page, i get a blank white box. No movei shows up.

    I did this both by editing the HTML from the admin panel in WordPress and also by creating a template file.

    I have searched up and down the web and wordpress, i cannot find a post about this that seems to work for me. Am I missing something? plug-in, extra code, can this even be done?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i am a newbie.

    Thanks for your help in advance!


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  • the ssdesign link is dead. Anyone know where else i can download it from?




    you do not need a plugin to post flash, I do it all of the time. You need to use proper markup and prolly in your case, disable the wysiwyg editor. I also turn off autoformatting and add my own tags.

    <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://path-to/movie.swf" class="movie" width="300" height="250">
    <param name="movie" value="http://www.path-to/movie.swf" />
    <param name="bgcolor" value="ffffff" />
    <img src="http://path-to/noflash.gif" width="300" height="163" alt="No flash installed" title="No flash installed" class="image" />

    simple as that.

    Yep, whooami’s got it right. 🙂

    Actually – a plugin may help, we modded an existing one to solve the IE Active X issue that makes flash movies appear with a border and require activating…

    To download the plugin – you can then embed flash with a ubb style tag.

    Don’t use embed. Whooami has a great example, one worth adhering to.

    Not to mention that <embed> is not valid XHTML. 😉

    Myabey i need to elaborate on the ActiveX issue with IE –,39020384,39254968,00.htm

    Gives the low down – basically IE will now ask you to activate a control before you can use it… This happens with any active X control not just flash.

    By using a scripted technique the conrol is injected into the page and gets around the patent issue – see the plugin demo to get the idea…

    Also – as the code is injected to the page this should keep the validators happy…

    Guys thanks for the replies, howver, i am still having trouble.

    I tried both suggestions and still no luck. Maybe I am doing something wrong so I will do my best to explaine.

    I added the code provided and still cannot get it to load. I get proportions showing up, but the flash movie remains blank. If I right-click on it, i get the flash sub menu (ie: Zoom In, Show All, etc..) but no movie plays. I have entered this in a HTML coder and upp’d it as a template. Still no luck. I then tried entering it through WordPress’s Edit Page feature. This did the same thing. I do have WYSIWG editor turned off.

    I tried your plug in but it did not work as well. Can it be that this plug-in is for posts and not pages?

    I appreciate your help guys/girls.. hope we can solve this issue.

    If you can right click on the movie then check to see if the menu says – “movie not loaded” if this is the case then you probably have a mistake in your URL.

    If it doenst say this then eiher – your flash movie is broken, your showing it at the wrong scale or your attempting to load a movie cross domain.

    Have you got a URL to look at?

    RE Pages – I am relatively new to WP so i’ll read up on that feature tonight and see if i need to update this feature…

    I’ve updated the plugin now to include flash player version detection – so if its a player version this may sort it.

    Lol – aernative == norbit, i must have registered twice!

    norbit, thanks. I tried the new plug-in but it did not work. I have posted them so you can see.


    The Photos page uses the swf plugin u provided. This is the code i added.


    For the Work page, I added the HTML markup as stated earlier, i get the movie showing up but there is some sort of error that doesn’t allow it to run. Here is the code I used.

    <object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”” class=”movie” width=”470″ height=”391″>
    <param name=”movie” value=”” />
    <param name=”bgcolor” value=”ffffff” />
    <img src=”http://path-to/noflash.gif” width=”300″ height=”163″ alt=”No flash installed” title=”No flash installed” class=”image” />

    ok – i think i see your problem (its me again norbit had to register again on another account as i am not at work and cant find my password…).

    Anyway this looks like a pathing issue with your flash movie – try –


    If this fails then check your flash movie – as it is loading, however it looks like your flash movie may be trying to load in aditional assets such as photos or data – as this movie is located in /photos/ and your blog is in /blog/ if your flash movie is using relative paths to load in data then it may fail to load its resources – check in your FLA that the paths are rooted – i.e. “/photos/[resourcename]” this will ensure that no matter where the movie is loaded from.

    The reason why i feel its a bug in the flash movie is that when we tested including your movie from our site we got a white box – right clicking on it did not show “movie not loaded” so its loading alright…

    To prove the function of the plugin you might want to try –


    ok – lookin further at your pages i’ve spotted a possable issue with a script include – i’ll have an update up tomorrow – as the work page is in a subfolder the path will be wrong with the script include.

    The tags method your using would also work if you fix the paths within your flash file.

    OK, I will try these ideas and let you know how it goes. One question though:

    My flash file is a slideshowpro file. It reads my photo data from flickr via some php files. Do you think that the php in wordpress would interfere with the php files associated with my flash file?

    you can see the flash program i am talking about here:

    the php should be fine – problem is most likely where the flash file is looking to read the data from.

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