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  • As a solution to my original problem with adding an option to edit custom files within admin pages, I decided to simply let users upload their own files, and edit the through the WordPress Theme Editor. The problem is, the user can find those files if they know the naming scheme, but they’re still hard to find. Also, if I store a file under known names such as “header.php” (in a sub-folder, but still), they show up like template files from the default template heriarchy (which is rather confusing).
    Is there any way to manually add the files with custom names to the Theme Editor? I know custom template show up as “Template X” when a name is defined in a comment like so:

    * Template Name: Something-or-another

    but these aren’t technically page templates, so I’d rather avoid such hack.

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  • I use Lubith as a theme editor for WordPress. The thing about this editor is that it puts a lot of emphasis on the structure of the layout, everything is well-defined and selectable. When I make templates in Photoshop I simply cut the portions of the structure, rename and export them according to the Lubith’s structure (the default layout is basically the twenty ten theme) so that the user is able to recognize each piece and what it contains.

    That doesn’t really solve my development problem. I want to add files to the built-in editor in order to allow the user to insert their own custom HTML, JS or PHP code (if they know what they’re doing, of course).

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