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  • dunksyo


    Hey guys,

    I’m currently playing around with a theme I’m piecing together. I’m trying to insert large images into my post, I want these images to wider than the body of text in the post, which is centered.

    I currently have an image content type for posts, which inserts a larger image, but if I insert an image into a standard post, the image is no wider than the body of text.

    You can see an example of this at

    The first post is the image content post type, and the third post is a standard type.

    I can’t seem to get some sort of solution for my problem, I’ve tried setting the widths <p>, h1,h2,h3 to a value, and increasing the post-content div size to accommodate the image, but nothing seems to work.

    Any kind soul willing to shed some light on my issue?

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  • paulruescher


    Line 588 of style.css you have max-width: 100%, so the largest your images will be is the size of the parent that has a set width.




    Wouldn’t it be easier to put in the image as large as it gets, but then indent the text on either side so the image overlaps ?

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