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    Hi guys,

    I want to add more information to the WooCommerce > Customers page (analytics about customers). specifically, the phone number and a few other things.

    Now the only thing I’m missing right now is the info regarding the actual place where I’ll be adding the content. I mean, I have no idea where I can find the hooks for this page nor I can find documentation about it.

    Can you point me in the right direction? any documentation about it can greatly help.

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  • Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi @elpanda13gmailcom,

    You would need to add custom fields to the back end but this is not possible with the default options in WooCommerce. You can achieve that either with a plugin or through custom PHP coding.

    If you want to use a plugin I’ve found this article helpful and it looks like it points in the right direction.

    With regards to custom coding, you could hire a developer to help create that portion of the code. If you would like to investigate that possibility further, you could reach out to some of the official WooCommerce development partners via this link below:


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    Coding is not a problem, but why would i need to add a new custom field if the phone number is already in the user’s info?

    Let me rephrase what i want to achieve:

    In the WooCommerce analytics page for the customers (woocommerce > Customers), you can have many columns, right?

    In the columns, you have mail, username, date registered, etc. however the Phone number field is missing, yet that info is there in the user’s metadata since they add it when they buy a product.

    What I was asking is if there’s a hook or something that would allow me to “inject” that field and set it as available in the columns option (check this screenshot as a reference: , how can I enable a custom field here? )

    Plugin Support abwaita a11n


    Thanks for your reply @elpanda13gmailcom.

    but why would i need to add a new custom field if the phone number is already in the user’s info?

    Just to clarify, my colleague @rainfallnixfig was highlighting that in the core plugin, phone number is not one of the available fields in the WooCommerce > Customers screen.

    The available fields are:

    Link to image:

    To add an extra field, you would require some custom coding.

    However, since this goes outside our scope of support here, you could check on the more development-oriented resources such as:
    * The WooCommerce Facebook group
    – or –

    * The #developers channel of the WooCommerce Community Slack.

    Further, you could consult with the WooCommerce Customizations Partners.

    Hope this clarifies.

    Thread Starter Alejandro J. Sanchez P.


    I know that and in fact i didn’t really ask for the custom code (which i can do myself) it’s just that i see that this section is basically all JS (react i guess) and i couldn’t find a hook or anything else that would belong to this section.

    I know how to get the custom field, i just need to know if there are hooks in place for this section so i could take it from there.

    I didn’t know about the WC slack group so maybe that’s the correct place to ask 🙂

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