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  • I have had a super admin create a user with name “user name” in the top level site. The user is set as a subscriber.

    But when my client goes in to the backend of a blog created under the main site (say “child1”), then tries to add that existing user through the “Add New User”page with the following user details:

    Username (required): “user name”
    Email: Same email address as specified when registered was first regiwtered as user.
    Role: Subscriber

    trying to save this user the following error message is thrown:

    “Only the lowercase letters a-z and numbers allowed

    Sorry, that username already exists!

    Sorry, that email address is already used!

    Yet WP 3 allowed a user name with a space when the top level account was creqated.

    Also at the top of the “Add New User” page it says:

    You can add new users to your site in two ways:

    1. Enter the username and email address of an existing user on this site.
    2. Enter the username and the email address of a person who is not already a member of this site. Choose the username carefully, it cannot be changed.

    That person will be sent an email asking them to click a link confirming the invite. New users will then be sent an email with a randomly generated password and a login link.

    Is this a bug or what am I missing here. Is there a simpler way to add a whole bunch of users at the top “super admin” level then assign them to one or more sub-blogs without this crap happening?

    If the space in the user name is the problem why did WP 3 allow it to be registered via the top level (ie super admin) add user page.

    Any pointers appreciated.

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  • Scroll to the bottom of the Super Admin->Users page and add new users to your network there. Johnny Appleseed becomes johnnyappleseed, though. But you don’t want spaces as the username also becomes their blog subdomain or directory path, can’t have spaces in those.

    Then add users to a blog by going to Super Admin->Sites->Edit Site->Add New User. Much quicker, and no email step required.

    Search for an existing ticket here

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