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    Hi Everyone!

    I installed 2.7 on our local intranet and whenever someone goes to put an event on the calendar, we get an error that reads: “Error: For some bizare reason your event was not added. Why not try again?”

    this isn’t exactly the most helpful error. Any idea why this might be caused, and where I can go to find error logs?


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  • Are you entering a valid date in the format YYYY-MM-DD in the start and end date field? Are events being added despite the error?

    # KieranOShea
    1) Does your plugin work with wp2.7? (see above: “I installed 2.7…”)?
    2) Maybe then please change Compatible Note in FYI “up to …”.
    Thank you

    Yes, it does work with 2.7 and yes I will change the compatibility but only at the next release; that piece of text is contained within a file in the release and so if I modified it without incrementing the release number it would mess things up.

    Hi Kieran!

    Yes, I’m adding valid dates using that format, and no, events are not being added. If they were, the error would be an annoyance that we could just ignore. 😀


    FYI, when poking around to view the mysql_error information, i got this on the INSERT statement just before that error in calendar.php

    “Unknown column ‘event_category’ in ‘field list'”.

    When I inserted an echo statement to find out what the value of $category is, I get a 1, which is an valid entry in the calendar_categories table, but there is no corresponding field in the calendar table.

    There was also no event_links field in the calendar table. Going in and creating those two fields in the calendar table has removed the errors we were experiencing and allowed us to add events. I don’t know if this is a valid long-term solution for this problem or not, but it seems to be working in the short-term, at least.

    This would seem to indicate that some of the SQL statements that get run when you first install Calendar have in fact not run properly.

    While not a wide-spread problem this is not the first time it has been reported, although most users never encounter this issue.

    I have installed calendar hundreds of times and each time the correct tables with the correct columns are created.

    Was your install an upgrade from an earlier version?

    The only way this is ever going to get fixed is if a person experiencing the issues tries to run the group of queries used to install/upgrade calendar one by one, noting any errors, also providing their server details. If you fancy doing this Iriggle then perhaps the plugin can be fixed in some way.

    Post a reply if you fancy doing this.

    I did not install from an earlier version, but I am willing to do this. I’ll post back next week when things have settled down (they’ve been crazy insane here).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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