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    I have been looking around for how to get descriptions for a category to be displayed. I know this has been answered in multiple forums but the information is cryptic for someone with no code experience. I keep seeing this code
    <p><?php echo category_description(); ?></p>
    thrown around as a way to make the description show on website. My question is where does it go exactly? I have seen several places suggested that this can be placed to get the desired result, but cannot seem to find those locations in my archive.php. I can’t find category.php.
    I think what I am looking for is a really broken down explanation of how to accomplish this. Or if you have any other way to get some static text to appear at the top of a category page.
    I am a wordpress simpleton, and appreciate any help.
    I am using custom community theme
    wordpress version 3.3.1

    I am using custom community theme
    wordpress version 3.3.1

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  • esmi


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    where does it go exactly?

    Usually in the theme’s category.php file. If you don’t have such a file, then you’d need to add it to archive.php.

    That is what i have seen when searching. I am confused about where to put it in the archive.php. I am very green at this and have the understanding that this is a simple thing to do. Just not sure how.
    Many forums say put it under single_cat_title();?, but when I look at the archive.php in wordpress editor; I just don’t see that line.
    esmi, I appreciate your time on this. I think I saw you post about this very thing before. Can you tell me where in archive.php I should palce this code?
    Thanks again for quick response.



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    where would you like the catagory description to show?

    to have the description below ‘You are browsing the Blog for …’

    add this code

    <?php if( is_category() ) echo '<p>'.category_description().'</p>'; ?>

    in archive.php just above the line (line 24) with:

    <div class="navigation">

    alchymth, thank you so much. that is exactly what i was looking for. thanks also to esmi, you both rock it.

    I’m sorry to add a question in this post but it’s almost the same I need,

    How can I get the category id instead of the -description-?

    I want to add some functionality when my visitors comes to a specific category.

    I know the ID I’m looking for (using the $id = get_cat_id('Búsqueda'); I got a 47). Well, now I need to know that I’m browsing the 47 category to display not the posts, but the functionality that I want to add in my site.




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    get_query_var('cat') will return the category ID in a category archive page.

    a useful conditional would be:


    Great alchymyth,

    works great,


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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