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  • Hello. I need to allow DCM (dicom medical image file) upload ability to Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader. My server supports uploading .dcm files as the standard gravity forms uploader will allow me to do it. I added dcm to the list of allowed file types but it still rejected it.

    I also tried updating moxie.js in the plugin files to add it in the list there. Eg:

    “application/octet-stream,exe,” +

    But this also didnt help. Suggestions please.

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  • UPDATE: I tried allow other files types and these too were not being allowed. I then looking into the PLupload code being used and it suggested that listing file types with spaces can cause issues. I removed the space from the file types allowed and it would then allow me to add those files to the uploading.

    However this created a new problem!!! I could add my bmp and dcm files but on pressing upload it did an alert with the error: “File Type Error: application/dicom.”

    And same for bmps etc. But the uploader showed they uploaded sucessfully. What is the problem here?

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