Adding cutom header functionality to my theme as TwentyTen (2 posts)

  1. dragnovich
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I just installed the WordPress 3.0 in my development environment, and I see the functionality of setting up custom headers to my blog, (for pages and posts), how ever my actual Blog has a very tunned up template already made for us.

    It's basically a normal bloh theme with a FIXED header of 550x150, how ever I want to add the Custom header and all the Admin menus and functions as the TwentyTen default template to my actual template (the menu links, the edtor and croper, etc...).

    I try coping some of the funtions.php and header.php, code and so on, but it does not work correctly ...

    Any help you can provide to extract that "fucntionallity" and paste in to my actual theme?

    Or do you know any plugin that beheaves exactly like this?


  2. _ze
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This explains how to add custom header functionality to an existing WP theme.

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