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  • Hey all,
    I am working with a client who wants custom menus for four main pages of their site, One Earth Solutions. Using a child theme of Twenty Eleven, I have registered and set the menus up, but I’m struggling when it comes to assigning the menu’s to pages. Here is my code in my header.php file:

    if (is_page('permaculture')){
    wp_nav_menu(array('menu'=>'permaculture' ));
    } elseif (is_page('farm')) {
    wp_nav_menu(array('menu'=>'farm' ));
    } elseif(is_page('energy')){
    wp_nav_menu(array('menu'=>'energy' ));
    } elseif (is_page('home')) {
    wp_nav_menu(array('menu'=>'primary' ));

    I can’t figure out what I’m missing – any help would be appreciated!

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  • Okay, well, my code is now in the sidebar.php file, instead of the header and I changed it a little, and added code to catch the sub-pages:

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    But now on many pages there is more than one navigation bar, and they are all (except the home page) are showing the farm menu. Well, except the actual farm page.
    An example:
    And the sub pages are not picking up the correct menus. Any help?

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