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  1. EarlSnappy
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I'm glad I found this plugin - I was using WP UI, like many others am having problems with WP 3.5. (the writer has gone missing, so no fixes...), so I want to change plugins, and yours has got great reports/feedback.

    Can I add a custom css file that will apply to tabs/buttons/dialogs? I created a custom css using http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/ that worked with the original plugin and was wondering if I can do the same with bootstrap (i.e upload custom style sheet, and how would I implement it)?

    A sample page from my site - http://surfacedeals.co.uk/commercial/railings/ - the contact button is a dialogue - is there a shortcode for something similar? (that is one of the problems - the dialogue now automatically opens on page load without the button being clicked, and it now loads in the wrong place).

    And, can I add a url parameter to the back button - it doesn't literally go back, but will be directed to the higher level section url)

    Please ignore the thumbnail scroller, I created that with a different plugin,

    Many thanks for any help, Earl


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