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  • Hi,

    I’m glad I found this plugin – I was using WP UI, like many others am having problems with WP 3.5. (the writer has gone missing, so no fixes…), so I want to change plugins, and yours has got great reports/feedback.

    Can I add a custom css file that will apply to tabs/buttons/dialogs? I created a custom css using that worked with the original plugin and was wondering if I can do the same with bootstrap (i.e upload custom style sheet, and how would I implement it)?

    A sample page from my site – – the contact button is a dialogue – is there a shortcode for something similar? (that is one of the problems – the dialogue now automatically opens on page load without the button being clicked, and it now loads in the wrong place).

    And, can I add a url parameter to the back button – it doesn’t literally go back, but will be directed to the higher level section url)

    Please ignore the thumbnail scroller, I created that with a different plugin,

    Many thanks for any help, Earl

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  • Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi Earl,

    Thanks for your interest in my plugin. There are a few customization options available, but none like the themeroller. That’s specific to jQuery UI, and I use jQuery Tools for my plugin.

    1. You can add your own CSS to the tab shortcode itself (Documentation)
    2. You can add your own styles to your own stylesheet and mark !important where needed to override defaults
    3. You can supply your own stylesheet and completely override the sheet supplied by my plugin.(Tutorial)

    Unfortunately I don’t have a shortcode for the contact dialog box. You can create a button with a link, but you’d have to define the url manually. Is that what you mean?

    Hi John, thanks for that, I was looking for a button that when clicked opens a dialog box on the page (much like a small over/lightbox) and inside the box is telephone number, and a mailto: link), so it’s not really a contact form, just an overlay/text box, triggered by button click, does that make sense?, Earl
    – there’s one on this page – – but because the plugin doesn’t work in 3.5.1 the dialog box automatically opens on page load (the author has gone awol)

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    Since my button shortcode is essentially a wrapper for a hyperlink, it can easily be re-created without using the shortcode itself. Most overlays are called via some kind of class, such as <a class="lightbox">Link text</a>, so to make it look like a button like from my plugin, it would just require adding the appropriate classes.

    HI John, thanks for that, I can see what you’re saying, but a lot of hard work for me (I do this in what little spare time I have), Thanks very much for getting back to me Earl

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    If it’s something you’re going to create frequently, then it might make sense to copy my button shortcode and modify it to suit your needs. Are you familiar with PHP enough to do that?

    I’m a code ‘tweaker’, a newbie with a brain, but not much time on his hands, it’s a one off job (my first), so I think I may try another route (i.e. a pay for a plugin), but sincere thanks for your help, Earl

    I marked some styles !important and still not overriding … you have some of your styles marked !important.

    I then copied the shortcodes.css stylesheet over to my theme’s root directory and that didn’t show my changes either.

    SO I’m just going to mod the file directly … running out of time

    Just saw this … “Just make sure the file name matches matches the plugin name, i.e. arconix-shortcodes.css.” I changed the name of the file in root of theme and that works. But still have a problem with box display.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    What’s the problem you’re having with the box display?

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