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[Resolved] adding copyright or some text in footer alongside standard text

  • hi

    i’d like to add copyright etc alongside wordpress’ and caroline’s name at the bottom in the footer,?


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  • Do you see your Child Theme in there?

    File Listing for /usr/home/ravart108/public_html/spiritualcompanioningforseculartimes.org/wp-content/themes

    File Listing for /usr/home/ravart108/public_html/spiritualcompanioningforseculartimes.org/wp-content/themes/spun

    i don’t see child theme?

    here are files:

    All Name – [sort] Size – [sort] Permissions Date – [sort]
    read-only directory current 34 drwxr-xr-x (755) Dec 1 2013
    directory parent 8 drwxr-xr-x (755) Dec 1 2013
    file 404.php 824 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file README.md 787 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file archive.php 2,663 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file comments.php 2,498 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content-aside.php 1,592 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content-gallery.php 1,721 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content-home.php 1,214 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content-image.php 2,374 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content-page.php 1,083 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content-single.php 1,750 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content-status.php 1,356 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file content.php 1,758 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file footer.php 849 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file functions.php 8,799 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file header.php 2,455 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    file image.php 4,424 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013
    directory inc 7 drwxr-xr-x (755) Dec 1 2013
    file index.php 1,462 -rw-r–r– (644) Dec 1 2013



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    You have to create a NEW folder for the child theme – as well as a style.css file – see:


    really ? oh my
    do i have to know any of this code? stuff to do this?
    all this to add a few words to try to copyright my blog?


    i started to look at the link to codex wordpress. do i do this stuff inside/via the dashboard ? or at my host?



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    It’s not possible to create a new folder or file via the Dashboard, so you need to use FTP (or another file manager) to create the child theme files.

    Deactivate your Child Theme plugin.

    Then create a folder in the “themes” folder and call it “spun-child”.
    Inside the “spun-child” folder create a style.css file and put this code into it:

    Theme Name: Spun Child
    Template: spun
    @import url("../spun/style.css");

    Then activate “Spun Child” in the dashboard as your new theme.

    Once you’ve done that you need to copy the functions.php file from the actual “Spun” theme and paste it into your “spun-child” folder.

    whoa slow down

    okay i created a “spun-child” new folder in themes

    how do i create a style.css file?

    Can you create a plain text (.txt) file? If so, create it and rename (including the .txt bit) it as “style.css”.

    File Listing for /usr/home/ravart108/public_html/spiritualcompanioningforseculartimes.org/wp-content/themes/spun-child

    here is where i am 🙂

    yes i can create text file

    i saved to desktop


    on desktop now as


    Send it over to your server in your “spun-child” folder:

    done – its there oh my !!!!



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    .rtf? what are you using to create this file?

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