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    Before upgrading to 3.4 I was able to click on my social sharing icon for facebook, and my blog post would appear, the photo in the particular post, and the first half paragraph or so of my current blog, Now I get no photo and a bunch of gibberish--okay, it's not gibberish-- but it is not inviting to the facebook viewer. This is how it looks:

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    » Corrupted Fridays Sarah Corbett Morgan
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    Where the instructions for html codes are, there used to be the text of my blog post and there is no longer any photo attached. Singularly unattractive and not appealing to possible facebook readers who might click and follow the link to my blog. How do I fix this? Also, I will add that it is doing it no matter what social sharing plugin I use. I am currently using Simple Social but like I said it's doing it with any plugin I use. Hope you can help. Thanks.

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