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  • I want to add content to an “About Us” page (or something similar). I’m not blogging. I’m cutting from MS word and pasting into WP using the “Visual” tab. I’m done adding and click on the “Preview Changes” and my new content is not displaying. I need to know the basic steps to saving the new content and viewing and publishing it. I’m a newbie so please dumb down a response 🙂 I know the steps that I’m looking for must be easy but can’t find those basic steps in help.



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  • Have you tried using the “Paste from Word” button right above the text area of your post?

    You can also paste your content from Word in here first: and then copy the result to paste it back into WordPress.

    Hi Senff,

    Thank you very much for responding to my request for help. I did utilize the “Paste from Word” feature as well as your suggested word2cleanhtml site. The problem is when I add the content it’s not displaying when I go to Preview the changes. I must not be going through the correct steps to save the changes, previewing the changes and then publishing the changes. I’m using the SmallBiz template if that matters. Any thoughts as to why I can’t preview my new content?

    Do you have the same problem when you type “normal” content (not pasted from Word)?

    Sometimes, a preview is not fully representative of the actual page. When you publish your page, is the content also not visible?

    Yes, same issue when I type “normal” content or NOT pasting. When I type in some content then click “Update” and then preview the same issue persists in that the new content is not there. It’s as if I didn’t make any changes.

    Regardless of previewing — is the content updated on the actual site? Or does it always revert to what it was before after you hit UPDATE?

    try refreshing your browser, since browsers are lazy they will reach for an existing page in cashe,

    right click on page and refresh,

    this is what I see on your about page:

    is this what you see?

    Hi Senff, Sorry for the late response. I contacted the makers of the SmallBiz template for help. I updated my template to their latest version successfully today hoping that would solve the problem. Anyway it didn’t. I can view the new content in my WP dashboard in the page but NOT on the published site even after I hit update and then refresh. The actual site shows no updates or any changes. So as of tonight I’m still confused.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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