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  • Basically I want to just add the post/comment part of WordPress into my layout here, where you see the “Welcome” and “About Me” section and then maybe add pieces to the sidebar like archives, calender, etc. Can this be done and if so how? I’ve been at this for days. :/ Thanks for any help and sorry if this has been addressed before. I searched and found nothing.

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  • Hi,

    it definitely can be done, but it’s some work. First, you have to design a wordpress theme with your layout. After that, you should put your static pages into WordPress pages. And after that, you have to make the static page your startpage (there are some threads in the support forum covering that).

    To do all that, you have to have some know how about php and WordPress. The second part can be found in the codex:

    There may be a simpler way, but I can’t think of one.

    btw: Take a look at your site with firefox 1.5. It looks a little strange.


    THanks for that. I’ve had WordPress on my site before and figured it out pretty quickly, but it has changed since I had it before. I’ll keep on it.

    I was wondering about how it looked in Firefox. I used to have it on my old computer and haven’t installed it on my new one yet, so I know how differently things look with it. I’ll have to dl Firefox and see what’s up. Thanks for letting me know.

    Hey Bob, I had to just thank you again for the heads up about Firefox. I just downloaded it and all that I had to do was add “br tags” behind my divs. I thought it would be much worse. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to dl Firefox. I’ve just been putting it off because I would rather do other things, like try to figure out this wordpress issue. 😉 I’m glad you said something to make me do it. I forgot how awesome Firefox is. I cannot believe I put installing it off for one minute.

    Back to my dashboard I go.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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