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  • I want to add fake comments to my posts via my admin interface. Is this possible? If not, is there a plugin available for this?

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  • Um. Just set up a few more user names….

    never heard of someone spamming their own blog…

    Oh, I have, though it’s more a discussion forum sort of thing….

    It’s not spamming. It’s seeding. I’ve worked for two large corporate web sites, and did it for both of them—it’s to get the discussion going. Folks are shy about posting the first comments sometimes.

    Exactly as Lisa posted. How can I accomplish this?

    Seems other people do this somehow. No one knows a solution?

    It’s definitely seeding. I have a few high traffic sites yet very few comment.

    Comments can’t be written in the admin panel – you can only view or edit existing ones. The easiest way to add comments is using your comment form. Just make sure you’re logged out and you can use whatever name you like.

    As I said – add a few users, then login as the different ones and add comments.

    OK works for me.

    Just be sure that (assuming obviously you do NOT want people to know you’re chumming!) you change the email address etc. data in the users screen section – I’m not sure you need to use real emails once you have fake users set up, but at least try to make it look good….

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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