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  • I’d like to be able to move the class off of the LI and on to the A tag for Pages and Categories. I found and changed the class in the file classes.php.

    My next issue is mark the parent as a trigger. I want to be able to use a Project Seven Pop Menu Magic menu. I have changed the class for the first level parent to the link, but I cannot find where the link info is for parent if there are child lists.

    Does anyone know where that is, or even better, has anyone converted a PVII menu to work with WordPress

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  • Well, first you need to tell people what theme you’re using and probably post the style.css and code from the relevant .php files to

    And yeah, I’ve converted a PVII menu (among others similar) to work with wp. It wasn’t easy, and I charged the guy $750 for it.

    I’m confused as to why you responded. Was it to just be degrading, pound your own chest or did you actually have a point?

    If you don’t intend to help, then why respond? If you don’t understand what I’ve written, ask a question. But don’t tell me how great you are and then answer with points not even relevant to the problem.

    Hmmm. Excuse me. You asked for some specific help with stuff that can be very specific to themes. So I told you to post the name of the theme you’re using, and probably post the specific code to the pastebin so folks can look it over.

    And then you asked if “anyone converted a PVII menu to work with WordPress” – which I answered – honestly.

    I don’t get it. But whatever. You don’t want to post what theme you’re using, and the relevant code to pastebin so people can look it over, fine.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with themes, and at this point I’m not using one. The page I referred to was a core file called classes.php, and it returns the LI code for Pages and Categories.

    I’m very proficient in creating the CSS and HTML on the frontend theme, what I would like to find is the code in the core that creates the embedded list for subcategories.

    WP allows you to make a category and then create a subcategory, right? Both of which have links. I found the code for those links, what I would like to find is the area in the core file, that creates that parent li so I can move the class off of the LI and onto the link and mark it as a trigger.

    I found the basic area around line 510 of classes.php- a core file. If you have converted a PVII menu, then you probably know where it is, because all of PVII menu’s use the A tag, and not the LI to trigger the submenu.

    There is a problem here. As I understand it links come out of the db already wrapped in an li.

    Yes, that is correct. That bit of code comes from a file called classes.php. On or about line 510 to 514 is the code that tells the DB what to do with that LI and the a href link, and what classes to apply to the li.

    I moved it from the li to the link without incident.

    My next hurdle is finding where it begins formulating the parent code. IF I have a parent, I want the link of the parent to be given a special class (not the LI, but the A link). If it’s not a parent, it doesn’t need the class. But if it IS a parent, I want to give its link its own special class.

    That kind of info is in a file called classes.php. Not a theme.

    Hi, did u ever find a solution to this?

    I am desperately looking for the same thing…

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