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  • Ok so I have my main site, ex: (original I know) which WordPress is installed on. I was curious as to how I would be able to take all the posts with a specific “category” and load them in a div on a subdirectory ex: and still keep things like embedded vimeo videos as they are on my original site. I wouldn’t need any themes or anything just the content. I was going to just use the rss feed but embedded videos don’t play nice with rss. Any suggestions?
    P.S. I’m not really savvy with php persay but I have a feeling its involved.

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  • when u make a post assign post to both the categories..your main category and your sub category

    I’ve done that but how would I then get that post(s) to another subdirectory? Possibly to just sit in a div ya know. Where is the content for each post? If they sit in a folder which one and how would I extract that and only the stuff with the category assigned?..
    Thanks again…


    I tried inserting the corresponding php into a div and unfortunately haven’t had any success. The blog lives on and I am looking to echo posts with a certain category (or whatever would be easiest to filter certain ones out) on
    Any and all help is appreciated
    Sorry for the noobness…

    I’m trying to understand what you’re doing here.

    You have WordPress in your root and you added a folder with a subsite that is outside of WordPress. Is this correct?

    if so
    What I’d recommend: rethink your site structure.
    Why don’t you use a page as your subsite and add a custom template to it so it looks like you want and does what you want… That way it’s still inside WordPress and you can call any wp function you like.

    The subdirectory you’re looking for should be virtual, not actually a subdirectory.

    A solution (not recommended) to your question could be using the rss feed from your wordpress root into your subdirectory.

    if not so
    explain more please

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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