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  1. KingCreole
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hello everybody. Hope you are well.

    I'm trying to personalize the Elegant News theme and have created a banner to replace the one provided.

    Replacement banner is here.

    And the WP-themed website is here.

    The banner I'm trying to replace is at the top, the one that says, "WordPress Web Hosting Only $5 a Month."

    The Elegant News theme has its own settings dashboard, and there's a section called, "Header Banner (468x60 px)" with a box for code and a caption that reads, "Header banner code. You may use any html code here, including your 468x60 px Adsense code."

    The code in the box is: <img src="http://newwpthemes.com/hosting/wpwh46.gif" />

    ... and I replaced the img src part, so that it reads: <img src="http://hardmonkey.com/banner_ads/ad_here_banner468x60.gif" />

    ... same as the other, but with a different address. So, what gives? Why can't I get it to work?

  2. KingCreole
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Sorry, the full code didn't come out right. Here it is again:
    a href="http://newwpthemes.com/hosting/wpwebhost.php"><img src="http://newwpthemes.com/hosting/wpwh46.gif" />

    There's a < at the beginning of that, but I don't know how to post the code without turning it into a link.

  3. kkarpieszuk
    Posted 5 years ago #

    have you tried this button? :)


    if doesnt work, paset your code at http://pastebin.com/ and submit here only the link

  4. KingCreole
    Posted 5 years ago #

    You mean for posting here? Yea, I did. It came out as a link just the same. Thanks for the other suggestion. I'll check it out next time I need to post code.

    Any chance someone could help me here with my original question?

  5. KingCreole
    Posted 5 years ago #


    Is the Hacks section the wrong place to ask this question?

  6. KingCreole
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Any chance someone can help me with this?

    I'm getting the impression that the WP forum kind of sucks. No offense intended to anyone, but I'm not getting help for a lot of my questions, and I'm noticing that a lot of posts don't get answered.

    Should I switch to Blogger or something?

  7. kkarpieszuk
    Posted 5 years ago #


    yes, i agree with you that this forum sometimes sucks :) also i many times have no answer for my questions

    but in your case problem is maybe because you didnt help for helpers :) you putted some bad code, you didnt provide link to theme which you use.

    now, when you started to complain i spend few minutes to find this theme, check its code etc :)

    look at header.php file. replace line 89:
    <?php echo get_theme_option('ad_header'); ?>

    with your code (this with tags A and IMG)

  8. KingCreole
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks, kkarpieszuk.

    Before trying this, I've got two concerns with your suggestion.

    1) Isn't that changing something other than just showing the header? Not sure what the code means, but I suspect that it maybe affects how the dashboard interacts (?).

    And, 2) Not sure exactly how to phrase the code. "with your code (this with tags A and IMG)" is kind of confusing for me. (I'm still not very literate with the code.)

    About me not helping the helpers: I did try to put the code right, but the code button on this forum didn't let me post the code for reading only. Maybe it's my Firefox browser (?). I don't know. But I did try to compensate and make it as clear as possible. Which, I think it was/is.

    About link to theme: True. I didn't think about that. Here it is now.

    But this isn't my only post that has been virtually ignored. I would think it's some recurring mistake on my part, but when I look through the list of topics, it seems that the majority of them don't get a response.

    I'm just surprised that the WP sponsored forum is so lackadaisical. Thought it would be THE place to go for help. No big deal. There are other forums, I suppose.

    Thanks for paying attention.

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