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  • Hey all.

    Please keep in mind I am an extreme noob at this; the extent of my “skills” is to use the “code” button to make different color text, and embed an image here and there.

    My questions:

    First off, I’d like a small sound clip to play when the page loads. Not the individual posts themselves; when people land on the url, a small snippet of a song. Is this possible and how do I accomplish this?

    Secondly, and I assume this may be easier than what I just asked, but I was toying with the idea of recording my posts and somehow embedding the audio file on the post; I found that people are misconstruing my posts a lot because there’s no context ie can’t hear sarcasm, can’t hear caricaturization.

    So I am thinking something like this:

    Each post has a subject.

    Right under the subject is a link that says something like “to hear the audio version click the play button” or whatever. Of course, it would be cool if it had one of those bars with play, pause, stop, volume and the arrow to scroll the progress etc.

    Then I would proceed with the typed version

    Are both of these things I have asked about possible?

    If so, how does one go about making it so ?

    And remember, you are talking to someone with very basic knowledge.

    Appreciate it greatly and thank you in advance.

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  • Sounds like you could use a plugin like
    You upload the audio mp3 with the usual media tools, then use a shortcode to embed a small flash player on the post. There’s better instructions on the site itself.

    For playing a small sound clip when a page loads, I’d recommend not doing it…


    now if I am understanding this correctly once installed I would do something like this:

    upload a song/audio file to a url somewhere

    then href it in a post like this >

    href=”” class=”wpaudio”>me – ranting

    I left out the a in arrows so it would not make a url so you could see the code


    just run the wpaudio process all option ?

    double post

    You’d upload your file to your server (easiest way:
    Admin > Media > Add New )
    After you do that it gives you the URL of where that file is saved,

    You then use that URL for the shortcode on the edit post page:
    [wpaudio url="" text="Artist - Song" dl="0"]

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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