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  • Ok, here is my fantasy world:
    The custom post menu has not only “add new”, categories, tags etc, but another page called Landing Page (or similar) that basically pulls in my archive-custom-post.php template, but ALSO gives me the chance to add custom fields, editor, etc to that page. There are lots of benefits to this, the two main ones being: 1. It is most intuitive, as users can manage new posts and landing page content all in one place, rather than having to go into Pages and look for the landing page content, which I am pulling in through the template file; and 2. the slug can change, and a user will never be able to delete it, thus saving my page-targeted code from accidentally breaking when the client accidentally (or purposely) deletes that one page.

    Can someone help me out with some ideas on how I might achieve this? I have never done plugin dev but am learning more about programming and WP extended features, and I really would like to get this one off the ground as I feel it would be enourmously useful. OR if a plugin that does this already exists, please let me know!

    Thanks for any tips!

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    If I understand you correctly, you want to add a listing for a landing page (normally found under “Pages”) with the roll over actions such as edit and view, but not trash, etc., to the standard CPT admin panel with the table listing all custom posts? You can possibly use the Settings API to add a section to this panel. You are not actually adding any settings, you are using the add_settings_section() to display the HTML needed for the landing page listing and action links.

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