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  • mingcrosby


    Hi – I’m running into an odd problem.

    I’m trying to setup multiple WP sites on a domain

    I setup one without any problems.

    I went through the same process for the second. Created a new mysql DB for it, ammend config file appropriately and uploaded into it’s own directory

    The installation seems to work fine until I go to login to the CP on any computer other than my own. Though this error is not consistent. 90% of the time when I or any user tries to login to the CP it just reverts back to the login screen with username intact and password blank (note: not the same response as if incorrect error details provided).

    Am puzzled.

    Have cleared cookies to no avail.

    Hope someone can help.

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  • govpatel


    did you install the 2nd wordpress in a folder



    Yes – both wordpress sites are in their own folders.



    Still having difficulties with this install

    Have retraced my steps a few times now.

    I’ve tried a fresh install with a new mysql database

    Once I run the initial install it goes to control panel screen as usual

    Then, if I log out and return to the login it wants to reinstall wordpress

    Can’t figure out what is going wrong



    Another thing to note about this problem is that it is inconsistent.

    Sometimes there is no issue with logging in, other times there is.

    Also, if I make any changes in the control panel they do not become active immediately.

    Example: if I make a post it won’t appear on the blog for quite a while.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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