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    I have installed a wp multisite for one buddypress site (Subdomain) and now need to install and build an another subdomain site (have already created the subdomain) on the same wp multisite installation. How do I do this?
    Is there a link to the instructions?


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  • If you already have Multisite, then you just go and create a site, same way you did for the first one.

    I already have installed multisite, and the first website was created when the wp multisite was installed. What I am not sure how to do, is to add more sites to that wp multisite installation, can you help?


    Don’t sign your posts please 🙂

    So okay you mean you setup Multisite, but only have ONE site on the network? You never made additional sites?

    Go to your network dashboard (wp-admin/network)

    You add sites from there.

    Yes I tried that.
    The current site (subdomain)is:
    But when I go to network dashboard and try to add a new site (, I get the following error:
    Missing or invalid site address.

    I did create the subdomain (, but have not created a subdomain database.
    Also I created an admin email address for that subdomain.

    Do I need to create the subdomain first before I add the database or should this happen automatically?

    What am I missing ?

    Where is WordPress installed?

    Then you CANNOT have a subsite be another subomain, you can only have subfolders.

    Yes, WordPress multisite was installed with

    1. Are you saying I have to have separate installatiosn for each domain and also for each subdomain?

    2. If that is the case why bother with a wp multisite installation?

    3. Why not just a standard wp installation ?

    No, I’m saying if you installed WP in then your sites will be subfolders: etc.

    If you want your SUB sites to be then you need to install in

    It’s building off the main install you see 🙂 is in excess of 150 pages and I have read of problems you can get converting an older wp site to wp multisite, also I am not sure how to convert an existing site to wp multisite.
    1. What do you think of the risks?
    2. do you have a link to the instructions to convert an existing wp site to wp multisite?

    I run a site, (not wp multisite), and I have created 2 subdomains. On one ( and installed a non-multisite wordpress. when I did the wordpress installation on the other one ( I left mutisite activated thinking that I could add the other sites ( and to it. (I have now learned tht that was wrong and I plan to make the older site a mutisite).
    1. The site has a link on the front page to a page called Macleay Island. When I click on this, the subdomanin comes up. I checked the html text of the homepage and the link is to the Macleay Island page as it should be.

    Q1 Why would the macleay subdmain suddenly come up when clicking on the link on the homepage of ?
    I tried to delete the subdomain as it is only in its early construction stage. After deleting the macleay subdomain files on the root directory, the Macleay Island link on the homepage of the main site still does not load (blank page). Can you help ????

    My aim now is to convert the to a multisite so that I can put the 2 subdomains on that istallation.

    Answered in your other thread, don’t postmultiple times for the same issue 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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