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  1. guestvibe
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just wanted to check that I get this right before going through the whole process. I have one blog in my root directory that I want to split into two versions for two cities (x and y). Before enabling multisites, do I move my current blog (for city x) into its own directory? Given that there will one day be a city z blog, I presume they should all be at an equal level. I know that the installs are virtual but I'm not sure what effect that has.

    Once that's done, my host (1and1) doesn't support wildcard domains. I've created y.domain.com - is that enough to make it work or do I have to do anything else?

  2. You can do this into Multisite :)

    1) Create a subsite called x.domain.com
    2) Create a subdomain called X and point it back to where domain.com is installed (so if domain.com is in /user/domain.com/ then you point X there, and NOT its own folder)
    3) Repeat for all.

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