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    I have added my own image to the header bar.

    It said if images are 2500 x 600 they would be left as is.

    I made my image 2500 x 600 but it has stretched my image and I can’t see most of it.

    I have tried to use a smaller picture and it continues to stretch the picture so I can’t see most of it.

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    That’s because you’ve removed the site title / gravatar etc.

    You’ll need some custom css. Try something like;

    .header {

    Just adjust that value to suit.


    Where do I add that code to?

    I added it to my child theme and it did not make any difference I even changed the number to 1500px just to see what it would do but it did not change at all.

    I have even put a . in site title and . in tag line to increase the height and that worked slightly but my image is still stretched both height and width.

    I took the . out because it made the top tab title ./.

    Where do I put the header code you gave me?

    How do I stop my image from stretching height and width. I am using at 2500 x 600 picture?

    If your CSS isn’t working, it’s likely because you have extra closing brackets in your style.css file:

    Also, the header is contained in this element – which has a width set:

    .inner-wrap {
        left: 0 !important;
        margin: 1.777em auto;
        max-width: 74.55em;
        transform: none !important;

    Now I am more confused than ever. Do I need to correct all the errors in that report? Did it tell me where the extra closing bracket is.

    Do you want me to add that code to my page?

    No, you only need to correct the errors in the child theme CSS file – scroll down the validator results to that page – looks like these are extra stray brackets here:

    .inner-wrap {
    	background-color: #ffffff;
    /*Targets the main navigation menu*/
    .main-nav a {
      color: #000000;

    There may well be other problems as the theme author suggested above.

    I took out the bracket and it has let the header get bigger but it did not stop the image from stretching to huge.

    I took out the header and the gravatar as I don’t want them I only want an image.

    Theme Author James Koster


    Try also adding the following;

    .header {
    background-size: 900px;

    Woo hoo thanks – that shrunk my graphic back to it’s right size, but now I have a black long bar behind it.

    I put in
    .header {
    background-color: #00cd66 ;
    to make it the same green as the sides but that did not work.

    Ok very strange but I found that background header colour linked to the links colour in the customize section.

    Last think I hope but now I have a large green bar below my header image between the body, can I either make that smaller or get rid or it totally.

    When I alter the

    .header {
    height: 220px;

    to smaller then it chops the top off my graphic but does not change the bar on the bottom of the graphic.

    Thanks again for all your help I would be lost without you.

    …The same happens to mine (…the header size overlaps the image..This is a wonderful theme..

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