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    Hello and thanks for your work.
    I’d like to add, as an attribute, a link to download de user’s guide of the product. But if I try to write some html mark-up it gets ignored and turned into plain text (only text between tags stays in the value field).

    As I understand, the only way I can add some downloadable content is adding it to the short or long description. Am I wrong? Is there any other way I’m missing?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • You could attach the user guide file to the product ( check the Downloadable box to make the file attachment field appear ), so when someone buy’s the product they get the download link via email and on their My Account page. Will that work for you?

    I already thought about that, but I’d really like anyone to download the file even if they don’t buy the product.

    Anyway, thanks for your fast answer.

    This too would be handy for me aswell, for alot of our products would be handy to be able to attach user manuals and specification sheets to the tabs too 🙂

    I don’t think there is a clean way to do this right now, not in the attributes list at least. There might be hackish ways to get it in there, but I’m not recommending it. Using the short or long description is the only official way I can think of right now.

    If you find another way, or have a proposal for a change, let us know.

    Would that be so hard to allow html code in attributes values? I can’t see any downside about it …

    It would not be so hard, it’s not what the attributes are intended to do. Attributes are designed to make products filterable based on those attributes or used them for variations when used with variable projects. They are by no means just used to show on the product page, which is just one of the use cases.

    That’s why I mentioned the hackish ways to get this done, which there might be, I just don’t (want to) know how.

    I thought I’d get more interest from authors, but anyway, I found a way to make it work like I wanted, a simple one.

    Just install this plugin and you’ll be able to add a new tab with all the content you wish:

    Miguel – I love you. (Just what I was needing!!!!!)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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