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Adding an Avatar

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  • http://gravatar.com

    register and upload avatar for your email

    Top right it says “Welcome ___________! View your profile.”
    Click view your profile
    Then edit.



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    @john Walker: what does that have to do with setting up a gravatar?

    I’ve tried setting up a gravatar, but I need a wordpress.com account. How does that work, then…I already have my blog set up with wordpress.org so wouldn’t I just be creating an unused blog that doesn’t link to my actual blog, by creating a wordpress.com account?



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    You don’t need to set up a blog when you create a .COM account –


    Some features/plugins like Gravatar and JetPack and Akismet use the WordPress.COM platform, so you do need to have a user account there to use them.

    This is really odd…so I guess I already have a wordpress account, but it says I keep getting my password wrong, so I told it to send me an email so I can change it, but I checked all my email accounts and don’t have any emails from wordpress…



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    WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM are separate – user accounts are not the same or interchangeable, so you do need to set up a user account on .COM to use any of the features/functions using that platform.

    yeah so i tried to create a wordpress.com account and it says my username is already registered, so i figured i just forgot my password. I pressed the “forgot my password” button but i haven’t gotten any emails

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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