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    How can I add ajax support to my website? There are several ajax plugins I really like but none of them work right now. How can I add ajax to my theme WP-Andreas01 1.3? The site I need this with is

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  • I think that adding ajax capabilities is dependant on the plugins that you want to use. You’ll have to be a bit more precise.

    For example, I want to add the Democracy plugin to my site. But it doesnt work. How do I get the plugin to work with my theme? I THINK it is an ajax issue. But I am not sure.

    This also doesn’t work with the wp-polls plugin. See what I mean at


    I went to look at your site and I don’t think you are having a problem with ajax features. It looks more like the html code that you have is not correct. While most things still appear in the browser the way you have things set up is wrong. For example the polls div element in encased in a ul element. and is later followed by a li. this should not be the case. use the w3c validator and fix your html first. I think you’ll find that most of your problems will disappear.

    Thanks for the advice!



    I looked at you sight and it looked like you got things working. Was fixing your html all you needed to do? Could you explain any other things that you might have need to fix? Also could you mark this post as resolved if everything is done? Thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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