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  • I’m creating a new WP site using the latest Branford Magazine theme. The theme has in the sidebar, space for an advert 250 x 250.

    I would like to place 4 125 x 125 ads in this space. One of the ads is for my own e-book the others will be for affiliate products.

    I’ve been doing searches for over an hour trying to find out how to place ads in the sidebar. It seems that there are widgets and plugins to make this process simple but I’ve not found any of them yet, only those for adsense.

    Would someone kindly point me to the widgets/plugins that will accomplish this task and share with me what I would have to do to make it work.

    As always thanks so much for your help.

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  • I hope I can get a reply, sense I’m feeling a little dense right now. I installed the Simple Image Link plugin and now I’m feeling even more lost. When I go on the Blogwell site it looks as if I should be able to get this;

    The last part of the installation after activating the plugin is start adding “image link” widgets to your sidebar.

    Where do I add the “image link widget” and how.

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

    Problem resolved, was able to get assistance elsewhere.

    Hi Zanti,

    Would you mind please sharing the link/info that you found to solve your problem.

    Thank you,


    That’s nice Zanti.
    As long as your are alright.

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