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  • (i’m working on getting a screenshot together…. can make avail if it will help)

    hello everyone!
    this is my first out customizing a WP theme and i looked around a lot for exactly what i wanted and customizr had all the features i was looking for, and this forum has been a HUGE help in dialing it in. there is only one thing left i want to do that i can’t figure out.

    what i would like to do is have a y repeating image going down the length of the page to match the motif in the slider. i have the image and have tried to put it underneath the brand div inside tc-header and have tried using span3 and row-fluid, to no avail. another constraint is that the colors i’m using for the brand identity are non html colors. consequently the background for the body and main wrapper are using a repeating 10X10px image to color the site.

    to summarize i am looking for a way to add a div to the body so i can put the image on top of the body background and also how to get an image to be on top of the header, but underneath the logo on the far left side of the header.

    i hope what i’m saying is making sense. i would post a link but the site is not live and i’m using a localserver to build it.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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